Allison Davis is a writer

Don't just take it from me.  Here's what others have to say: 


Allison is both incredibly collaborative and independent, which is the ideal combination for a producer.  She is ambitious in her goals but is also practical in her approach, and takes on all aspects of her work with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.  She’s creative, she’s tough (in the good way) and she’s got a TON of energy.  Plus, she smiles and laughs a lot, which is always a pleasure to be around. -Julie Snyder, Senior Producer, This American Life

Allison has great taste and a real knack for stories. She's a joy to have in any work environment and provides invaluable input. She has a great attitude and great work ethic and I'm excited to see what she'll produce next. -Sasheer Zamata, Comic (Saturday Night Live) 

Allison Davis is a Boss, I can depend on her to MAKE IT HAPPEN and that to me is the most important quality for a producer to possess -- the ability to make it happen and instill faith in your collaborators that you can and will ALWAYS make it happen. - Terence Nance, Filmmaker (winner, Independent Spirt Awards, Sundance, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty) 

Allison is enthusiastic, driven, extremely professional, on time and well organized.  She is respectful to others and always pleasant, making her a joy to work with and be around.  While maintaining clarity about her vision, she eagerly embraces collaboration. - Melissa Maxwell, Stage Director (Soho Playhouse, National Black Theater of Harlem)

Allison was always a team player and came to the table with creative ideas for our demo. She's a great people person, always able to have a conversation with just about anyone about anything, which is really helpful when you are working for a media company that covers a range of topics and subjects. -Georgi Goldman, Producer (MTV, Travel Channel, TLC)

Never have I met anyone with Allison's ability to convey her astoundingly creative ideas in a thoughtful, concise, and sometimes hilariously entertaining manner. She is engaging and wonderful to be around - she can turn darkness into sunlight with a single sentence. Or smile. She's a natural leader, thoughtful team player, and my first pick for a kickball team.- Fhay Arceo, Producer, Production Manager (Pandora, TLC, Current TV)

In a competitive environment, Allison stood out as uniquely, independently motivated. Her spec work was notable in her ability to capture the voice of a show, while layering in her own sharply observant point of view. And in her original material, I loved seeing her imagination unleashed...Her efforts to put her work on screen, coupled with a willingness to learn all aspects of the production process, speak highly of her work ethic, and her drive to realize her creative ambitions. -Joe Tracz, Animation Writer (Epic, Fox Animation) and NYU Writing for Animation Professor

Allison is an incredible asset to any organization she wishes to bring her talents to. Wherever she goes - they're going to benefit greatly, and I'll be jealous. As a producer, she has great communication skills, determination and integrity. I value her friendship and honesty, and look forward to finding ways to work together again soon. - David Casey, TV Development and Creative, (Moxie Pictures, History Channel, Current TV)

Dear Sally Jo,

I hope this finds you well.  Many thanks for all your support of THE OATH.  Karim and Allison have been great to work with, especially in the feedback process.  They helped to make the film much stronger.  I've told them this, but I wanted to let you know as well.  They really dug in.  -portion of letter from Oscar-nominated director Laura Poitras, to ITVS President and CEO Sally Jo Fifer

Dear Allison, Thank you so much for your incredibly hard work and professionalism.  You are amazing!  Have a great vacation!  Best, Ross [Kaufman, Oscar-award winning Producer] Adi & Ruthie, Shantz [Directors] and LynAnn [Attorney]